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I offer four different presentations:
•Kindergarten (30 minutes) Focuses on the creation of text and art for a beginning reader.
•Grades 1-4 (60 minutes) Focuses on the creation of text and art for my picture books.
•Grades 5-12 (60 minutes) Focuses on the creation of text and art for my chapter books.
•Family (45-60 minutes) A fun, all-ages presentation for libraries and family events.

About my presentations:

    My presentations are fun, fast-paced explanations of how I create my books. Using a 
grade-appropriate interactive digital slide show, I explain the writing process from generating ideas to writing rough drafts and final copies. I emphasize the importance of all the revisions and editing I do to my work while creating it. I share rough drafts with the students and demonstrate why it’s so important to keep working and reworking the writing. I also show how I create the artwork for the books. I explain how the writing and illustrating processes are linked for me. 

    I share actual artwork from my books and end the presentation with a drawing demonstration using an audience volunteer as a model. I also discuss what it’s really like to be an author for a living and share top secret information about what authors do all day. 

School Visit Pricing

2 presentations - $795
3 presentations - $995
4 presentations - $1,150

Each presentation is limited to 5 classrooms to insure that all students have a chance

to participate.

Block Booking Discounts are available.

The discounts can be shared by multiple schools.

*Travel fees apply for schools beyond 1 hour drive* Driving - $0.50/mile

For schools requiring overnight stays or distant travel, please contact me for details. 

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