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The Drums Are A Callin'

Sometimes my nerves get ta itchin" and I begin to feel somekinda way,

I listen for the drums. The drums call for my feet to dance and my spirit to

soar! Music is so very powerful and that is why I play it all day everyday.

It drowns out the crazy and the bad and gives me energy. So, I am in my

studio listening to PJ Morton, the Chicago Kid, BJ and the HamiTones.

The song, " Gumbo" is the song of the day! I dance in between the phone

calls and the work. It's giving me life! Harmonies, Drums and guitars and

Hamon B3 is power in my paint brush. Find some tunes you love and

put them on and let them wash away the crazy and pain even if it's only

for a few rotations.

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