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Happy Birthday Dance for Vanessa

Hey, Hey, HEYYYYY Good Peoples! I sure hope that all of you are doing well. Welp, Today is my 60th Birthday! Ooh I am so very grateful to see 60! All praises to the Most High. So grateful for family and friends and followers like yourselves. Thanks for bringing my heart so much joy.

Now, I love to dance and I play music in my office and home all day long. I would say I might get on people's nerves with how much I love music. I AM A HOUSE MUSIC GAL!! Oh yes! House music all night all and all day long! It's my birthday so I am going to happily leave you good people with this little video clip of Toni Basil in her 70's bringing the moves and grooves!

Happy Birthday to all my October peoples! Get your dance on and celebrate with me!


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