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Meet Orka and Cuba

Hello Good Peoples!!! Hope that you folks are doing well. Welp, if you don't know by now, Vanessa's loves making characters!!! Oh my Lawd it is my favorite thing to do.

My people are Gullah Geechee. These are the people who live in the Low Country of South Carolina. We have a rich beautiful culture with a great love for all things country like our nick names. My grandma use to call me," GUBA HEAD" which means, Peanut head, cause I was so tiny as child. Y'all might know about Gobbers and Raisinets? Ever hear of, Okra, Corn and Mata?!?!? That is a low country dish that some of us love to eat that contains of course, Orka, corn, and tomatoes. I didn't like Orka then and I don't like it now, but I have always LOVED the look of Orka. I thought it was pretty, but I call it the slimy fruit.

I am working on a new book called,"ORKA & GUBA". Written and illustrated by me. The adventures of an African American sister and brother who love each other very much, but are super competitive with each other as well. They go on all kinds of wonderful adventures. I have worked on what they are gonna look like and wanted to share it with you fabulous people! Meet Orka and GUBA. How Oounh fa do? Translations, How y'all doin'? Teehee!!! I can't wait to share some banter with you all about what they could be doing. If I use any of your ideas there is something special that I would love to give to you! Like 2 free signed copies of the book, A sketch from the book and your name in the dedication! If this sounds like something you're interested in please feel free leave your idea big or small, funny or emotional, weird and challenging ideas in the comment section below. Help me to bring these two characters to life! Big hugs to all Oounh! Tank Oounh lots


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