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Happy June To You

Hello Good Peoples! Hope that you all are doing well.

You know we don't always get things right. We make mistakes and sometimes say wrong things to ourselves and others. We are human and as human we don't always get it right, but mistakes or problems,

don't take away how special you are.

You are special in your own unique way. Maybe it's in the way that you say,"Hello!" or that awesome hair cut you sport. Maybe it's through your kind and sweet care of others. Sometimes people think that kindness is weird and means that you are dum or , dare I say the word,"Stupid". Kindness is not weakness or stupidity. It is actually the opposite. Kindness is strength. Maybe you are the person that people can share encouraging thoughts and words to lift someones spirit. Perhaps you think of other's and their needs. It could be anything that is positive.

I love to draw and tell stories. I also like to sing and cook good food!

These are some of things that I do that make me special because nobody does it like me. I wanted to be like everyone else when I was kid. Everyone was better than me I thought. No that I have been through somethings, lost somethings, learnt somethings I see me a whole lot differently. It took sometime, but I am learning more and more about myself. I matter. I am different, I am loved and I am blessed. Sometimes we are waiting for someone else to tell us who we are. You might have someone in your life that will do that, but for many people in the world, they don't have that.

My question to you is.... Do you know yourself? Do you love yourself?

What do you love about you? How do you make other's feel loved?

Just really good questions to ask. Would love to hear from you.

Until then, be kind and good to your awesome self and then do the same for some else!


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