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Whatcha Thinkin' bout?

Question. What are you thinking about? Did you know that thoughts become things? Maybe you don't really believe that, but for those of you who do, what is going on in your head? Are you doubtful about a project that you really want to do? Is it a relationship that you want? Maybe a vacation or job? I can't say it enough, but what we think about and feel about we actually bring about. Sometimes we are claiming the worst before we claim the better. There is so weird kind of comfort we get in thinking the negative. Like we don't deserve a piece of happy in our lives. This is so not true. We get pretty much of what we think and feel about. Yes they are two different things, but the work together. We are somehow trained to think the worst and that brings on the feelings of disappointment, frustrations, doubt, depression and pity. Just to name a few.  The key is to get out of your own way. Take a moment and breath deeply. Some of us shallow breathe like we have to pay for the air we breathe in naturally. It doesn't cost a thing. Take a moment and get centered and think about a sound that is comforting to you. Maybe it's the sound of children giggling, which is my favorite sound ever, or maybe it's the ocean lapping at the shore. Perhaps a song that brings a smile to your face. Think about that and hold the thought in your head and let it come down into your chest and breathe deeply. I'm smiling already just thinking about it. You shift yourself in just a few seconds and changed your frequency! It's that simple. Keep repeating it over and over again. Think about a nice warm cup of tea or coffee if you prefer. Whatever brings peace or comfort to you mind heart and spirit. Dwell on it. Meditate on it and see how it changes the out come of certain situations. Our gray matter is so very powerful and can be used in positive ways to bring us joy and peace and more creativity and yes love.

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