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Play with Procreate

Hello Good Peoples What's Good?!

Playing with my iPad. I think I am in love with Procreate and Fresco,

two apps for illustration on iPad, they are both so much FUN!

Seriously, My friend Lisa Bardot, Is such an awesome teacher and artist. She teaches the most wonderful classes for people who are trying to learn how to draw with Procreate. I take many of her classes and I have learnt so very much.

If you have an iPad and you are just wanting to learn how to use it with Procreate then take her classes you will not be disappointed. She just wrote a whole book on how to use Procreate and I just got a copy! YAY ME!! Teehee! I just love to learn. At 60, I am taking even more classes as I still want to bloom, grown and know all about the creative process of illustrating and storytelling. So, check out Lisa's awesome classes.

I did this illustration in one of her classes.Thinking about tuning it into a print and a pin. We will see. My Etsy store will be opening in about another week where you all will be able to purchase Prints and prints on demand, Lapel pins, enamel and plastic, original artwork and collages, Collage papers, stickers, stickers, STICKERS! I can't wait to share it all with you so stay uplifted and in tune for more!


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