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I really try to keep a positive out look on life. It's not always easy, but I really try my very best to do so. The world is such a horrible place to be in sometimes. People killing innocent people. sick folks. Parents harming children and children killing parents sometimes it just gets so overwhelming that I just want to curl up into a ball and disappear. The world is not a perfect place with perfect people or situations. It is what it is. It's like a bunch of hurt people running around trying to hurt other people and many of them don't even know why. They don't know why they hurt and the abuse, hurt, depression continues on and spreads like a disease. It's sad really. We sit and watch then news play over and over and over again until it finally gets inside of our heads and hearts and spirits and takes us downs a depressing road to nowhere. I've learned to turn it off!

Commercials tell us that if we get this cream, or win this money, or get the man or woman, job, house or car we will all be just fine and while we know it's a lie we go for it anyway filling our lives

with more stuff that doesn't satisfy. More things. Things we can't pay for or even need for that matter. Cluttering up our minds, bodies and spirits with more material things. I sometimes feel like the biggest one! We are so busy with things that we forget to stop and smell the flowers. I don't want to live like this. Living to meet someone else's deadlines. To pay more bills. To live to eat and care more about what people say about me than what God says about me. I need to take time to stop and smell, touch, feel, and enjoy the flowers. I need to pull myself away from conversations that don't bring life! I need to hear with my heart and my head. I need to....... Live!

Note to self, " Get busy living or get busy dying. Choose life Nessa. Choose life.

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