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My Interview with Tina

Photo by Syreena Home

I had the most awesome interview with the beautiful Tina of It was about my personal views on self care. Fact is we don't do it enough. We certainly don't teach our children to do it enough. Remember they are watching US y'all!! Personal care is caring for one's well being. Not just makeup and breast lifts, booty shots and tummy tucks. It is so much more than that. It's knowing when to say no and setting personal boundaries around your body, soul and mind so that you get the healing that you need for yourself. We focus so much on the outer self with selfies and makeup and things that really don't say that,"We are valuable and precious." It just sometimes comes off as being self absorbed self focus. Pictures do more than say, " Hey I look great!" They can also be a window into your soul. I was broken for such a long time. I allowed others to define me and I was always looking for everyone's approval and their permission to be happy and to live. Now at 53 I could truly careless. I had to come to terms with my broken places and realize that I was the sum totally of every choice that I made in life. I made the choice to shop myself into debt. I made the choice to eat everything that was set before me. I was responsible for myself esteem issues. It was not everyone else it was me. I could no longer blame my parents, teachers, husband or church family, It was me. Scary, but true.

When I started taking responsibility for myself and my choices something click inside of me. I don't mind saying that I am a woman of faith. It is my faith that brought me to myself. I stay WOKE and look inside now. I ask myself the very, very hard and uncomfortable questions about why I do certain things. I meditate and pray all the time. It's so very important to me and my creative self.

Instead of blaming others I look very deeply into my actions and reaction. Decided not to get offended by everything or over everyone who had something to say. I don't have to have an answer for anyone. I do however need to be true to myself and being true to me helps me to be true to others as well. I ain't perfect and neither am I trying to be and that is a freeing thought.

I am a work in progress. Growing and transformation into who am meant to be.

It's not always pretty, but we are getting there LOL!

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