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Each a Gift

Sometimes we see others doing the things that we long to do and the first thing we say is, " I wish I could do or be that person." Someone said, " When we compare ourselves to others, we rob ourselves of life's joy!" I truly do believe this. To dream of being someone else or living the life of another person we rob ourselves of our own gifts and callings. It is so very special when we embrace the who that we are with all of it's flaws and quirks. Nobody can be you or beat you at being YOU! We all come here with a little piece of light inside of us and that light is unique and special and nobody else has your wattage or frequency.

We each bring something special to the planet whether we recongize it or not. We spend most of our precious time trying to figure it out and it's hard work, but it's necessary! We spend to much time hating ourselves and and others. Sometimes it's just hard to tell your own self that you matter and that you are precious. Maybe Mom and Dad didn't tell you that you mattered and you've walk around feeling like a burden or empty. Do yourself a favor. Find a moment and though it maybe hard and sound silly, tell yourself something encouraging today. Say something sweet and kind over yourself cause you matter. Of all the billions of people who have walked the planet there has never been, nor will there ever be, another valuable precious soul like you.


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