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Manifestions 2019

My New Year starts in October and It's been a wonderful one, but not without some heartbreak and sadness. I lost my Uncle about a week ago. He had been sick for long while and I thought that he would pull through. Just 55 years young. He and I were the same age. Healing didn't come in the form of him being here with us, but rather in a new body with God and that is perfectly fine. I would have never wanted him to stay in that broken down house called a body. He left with a smile on his beautiful face and that was enough for me. Note to self: Either we get busy living or we get busy dying. Let's spend our time wisely, living, loving and laughing forgiving and letting go. Expect some pain and disappointment now and then and know that you are built not to break. It was sent with a purpose to help you live ON PURPOSE! Let's speak life and watch good thing manifest before us. I've got a feeling everything is gonna be alright! Happy New Year everyone! Caption for this piece... "Bree's good thoughts always manifested the most WONDERFUL and STRANGEST things. It often left the unbelievers speechless."VBN

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