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Mama's Work Shoes

Hello Everyone, It's been a little bit and only because I have been working on new books. Working on books it so much fun, but so much work and I enjoy it so, but sometimes I just want a bit of a break. So I have been working on a few book as I do from time to time. I can have up to four books on my desk at one time. One day I am going to show you all pictures so you can the crazy and the happy.

So, I finished this little gem about 3 months ago and I can't wait until it comes out. Perry knows all of mama's shoes. The sneakers for running and playing and the flip flops for the beach and boots for snow. One day Perry hears the click clack of new shoes that takes mama away and Perry starts feeling somekinda way about it. This book was so much fun to work on cause most of you know how much I love fashion. I got to draw SHOES and it was so awesome!!! I love shoes.

I wanted to make it colorful and put little details that kids would have to search out throughout the book. I can't wait to share it with you all. Caron Levis does such a fantastic job of telling this story and I know children are going to love it. This book is schedule to come out later this year.

So look for it in your local INDIE Bookstores and

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