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Back With A Vengeance

Hey there Blogger family and friends.

Keepin' it 100! Me thinking out loud. Note to self: We hear so much negative stuff and y'all know me by now so Imma say something positive and keep it moving. Sometimes it not other people it's us. We think and say things about ourselves and a lot of it isn't true. You are not your debt, breakup, lack, depression, unemployment, mistake, etc that you are experiencing right now. YOU are so much more! We could all benefit from saying something kind to ourselves about ourselves. Instead of taking the outward selfie I am challenging you to take an inward selfie. The one that shows all the flaws and broken places inside that really need healing and counsel. And like I said, "It's so hard sometimes to find kind words to speak over ourselves when all we see it brokenness or problems." I am asking to to struggle to find something kind to say about yourself. In doing so, some healing can begin. Our flaws can make us beautiful. Yeah we need to work on them broken places cause we keep cutting people and most of all ourselves. YOU and I deserve better. There is greatness inside of you. Speak life!

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