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Headed Back To School and On Tour

Hello Everyone! I hope that you all had an awesome summer and that you all are ready for school! Okay, so you're not ready for school yet?!? There is so much stuff to do between shopping and scheduling dr.'s visits and hair appointments and seeing the dentist as well as going to Costco and Walmart to buy all those supplies. It's just a whole lot! Welp, I dropped off my girl to college and it was the same for me. She needed supplies for school as well. Dorm room set up, books, computer and the like! Saying, "See you later baby!" was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Letting go of my beautiful little bird was hard. My husband just sat in the car crying, but we've prayed and spoke some good words over her and we trust that God's got her and that she is going to do great things on this new journey that she is on. We are all on a journey too!

Maybe you are on the same journey of sending you babies off to Kindergarten, or middle school, High school or college as well and it's not alway easy. Transition can be painful and unwanted and frustrating too. It's a big ol' elephant, but how do you eat that elephant? Small bites and pieces. Pace yourself and take time to breathe through it all. Sometimes we put more on ourselves then we really need too. Do what you can do in the time allotted. Put the procrastinator spirit where? Back there and to the side cause it's still gonna be there if you put it off so find a way to get It done now so that you can mark it as DONE! You get done what you can do and then find another moment to do the other stuff. Now, this really message to Vanessa cause I am the biggest procrastinator EVER!! When I am gentle with myself and focus on what needs to be done I get more stuff done. So that is my little message to me and you. YOU GOT THIS! Wishing you all the most wonderful start to a new School year and hopefully I will see you on my tour with Derrick Barnes of King Of Kindergarten! Don't want to miss any of you. Our tour starts in Athens, Ga Thursday, August 29th, Then Saturday, August 31, Decatur Book Festival. If you are in the area please come visit and say hello! Until then keep your heads to the sky and expect something wonderful!

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