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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you All!!

On this cold crisp sunny day here in Charlotte I am thinking of how I want to move forward

into January 2020. I mean Christmas was just last week y'all and I now we are at the first

of the month!?!? Where did the time go???

My heart is full as I sit here at my desk. My mind is racing and I m wondering about all the

things I have to do and want to do. It's a lot! I will be moving in a few weeks and so I am packing

my office and apartment. My daughter is on her way to a different college. And I have work to do. All these plates in the air can be overwhelming. So, I take a deep breathe and say," One thing at a time.

I am only human and I give myself permission to be breathe and just be for now."

As I shared in my previous post. I miss blogging. I miss talking to other artist, creatives and illustrators.

I miss seeing your artwork and leaving a comment to lift your spirits. I long to do this again, but I

just can't seem to make it work here. This site is awesome and you get to see my artwork, and book me for school visits here, but I long to do something more so I am going back to for blogging only. You can still come here to check out my website and book me for events. So follow me over the Paste it into your browers

I want to personally thank you all so much for stopping by and visiting. I hope that you will come over

to the blog and visit me there. I would love to visit and support your blogs as well so I am wishing you lots of joy for the New Year and lots of creativity and inspiration!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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