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Hello Good Peoples what's good? Well, my newest book is coming out in a few days.

"Just Like Me" written and illustrated by me. I don't alway get do my own books and this

time I get to share another with you. "Just Like Me" is my first book of poems for children.

Children need poetry just as much as they need stories. Poems inspire and give children

freedom through the spoken or read words with feeling and emotion. This group of poems

is about little girl, but honestly it is for any child girl or boy. I hope to follow up with a book

of poems for boys as well. The poems talk about being lonely, afraid to make a friend, longing

to be somewhere else in the world and even about pimples. Any child reading these poems

will finally know that they are not the only ones going through a tough time or is dealing with

this or that emotion. My desire was to let children know that I see you and that you are not

alone. I hope that you will get a copy of this book coming out on January 14th, 2020. Have a great

week good people!

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