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In Honor Of Katherine Johnson

In honor of one of the greatest African-American women ever I share this post.

Katherine Johnson is a US treasure. She will forever be Ms. NASA to me.

She opened doors not just for black women, but all women of color. I am so moved by her personal story of hardship and victory. I take joy in celebrating her life! She will forever be an inspiration and

hero for me.

I did this illustration when the movie, "Hidden Figures" came out. I was asked by SCBWI to create

a cover for our quarterly magazine and this is the illustration that I shared. I was told it was one of the

best that they have ever had, but the response from the internet was awesome as well. So many people reached out. Even Hollywood reached out and shared. It didn't go viral or anything, but people

where touched by the illustration.

I hope that it brings joy to your heart and will help you to also celebrate the life of Mrs. Johnson.

Rest In Power Mrs. Johnson

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