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Casting My Cares

Hello Good Peoples! What's Good?

Welp, you don't even have to answer cause I know we are all stressed and our teeth on edge

over everything that is going on. I had to step away for a moment to collect myself.

My whole county of Mecklenlandberg here in Charlotte is on a mandatory lock down and it should be.

I have been blessed to be home since March 12th and it's been on a popping for me because I had

to move out of my very small apt. Yes, in the middle of a pandemic. It's not been a whole lot of fun

either. I have listened to the news and I just can't anymore. It robs me of my peace and joy.

So many people are losing their lives every hour and there are some people who don't have a clue

and think this is all made up. This is no joke and I am very aware of what is going on around me, but I refuse to live in fear and let depression run me over! I don't mind sharing that I am a woman of faith

and prayer and that is what is keeping me from loosing it all together. I put on my music and think

happy thoughts as much as I can and say something positive. Some of us are only listening to the

scary and negative stuff. We listen to it so much the some of us think we have it. The mind is a very,

very powerful thing. If you think and view the negative you will have it! You can call it the law of attraction or whatever! If all you look at is the news you are going to be overwhelmed with this thing.

This is not to say that shouldn't watch it, but we need to limit how much news we view right now. Who we talk to. What we are looking and listening too. Find those who are uplifting. The folks that make you feel good right now. Heck you are stuck at home! There are lots of creative things to see on Youtube! Right now I am tuning into Lisa Bardot on Youtube and watching her awesome videos on how to work on your iPad with procreate. I am telling stories on Facebook! Just look up Vanessa Newton or Vanessa Brantley-Newton on Facebook. Check me out there. Just find something to lift you and change the frequency that is being emitted right now.

I am praying for your safety and health. I hope to post somethings to make you smile.

Take a moment for yourself and just breathe..... close your eyes and breathe. Be thankful

that you can do so. You are more blessed than you know if you can.

Have a good one!

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