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Race and Culture Talk With Author Dennis Matthew

Hello Everyone!

We are in crisis here in America. It has been going on for hundreds of years actually.

We have been taught this ugly thing called, "Racism". I have had 57 years of it put

upon me and it has taken it's toll to a great degree.

I have often asked myself," Why are we so hated? What did we do? Why am I nothing and so worthless in one way and then dangerous in another?" I don't have a whole a lotta answers, but I

will tell you all that I am ANGRY!! Very angry at how African Americans have been treated in

the USA. I have known racism my whole life and I can't take it anymore.

It's not that I hate whites. Not at all. I HATE RACSIM! There are those who are offended when they hear"Black Lives Matter." "All lives matters", is whats important some will say, but when we say this it is because we have lost so many blacks and Hispanics to police brutality and it has got to stop!

My white friends and family have no worries about being pulled over by the police. You can get outta

your car and tear up tickets and pitch a fit in the policemen's face. I have watched some push the police in the chest and shake their fingers in a cops face and cruse them out. If I being a black woman had done the same, I wouldn't be posting this right now. Fact is that if I even so much as look at a cop the wrong way I could end up badly hurt or worse. Dead. It has been happening to us for so many, many, many, many years and it feels like it's getting worse. We haven't even buried Mr. George Floyd yet and we have lost more young people to police brutality again.

Please don't tell me about the looters and people burning down places. There are two sides to this.

I don't agree with folks burning down anything, but there are people out here who are saying that they want to help and all they are doing is stirring the pot of hate. They want us to take the focus off of what is happen right now that needs GREAT ATTENTION RIGHT NOW to focus on the junk!

I refuse to do so. This is something that we have to talk about and now. We can no longer push it under a rug and act as if this is not happening or has happened.

RACSIM is real.

HATE is real.

White Privilege is active

Ignorance is real.

The only way to can get better is by educating ourselves about racism and why it's not okay to treat

people who are brown in an uncivilized way. Black Lives Matter too.

Here we had a real chance to talk openly about our struggles and hopes. Please take a listen. It is very important and every eye opening. Hear it out.



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