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A Peek Inside My Studio

Hello Good Peoples What's Good?

I sure hope you are. I want to share with you my workspace. Yup,

the place where I get to create and teach from.

Last year I had the awesome chance to work with my brother and dear friend, Mr. Arree Chung who created the award winning children's book, Mixed! Arree has always wanted to share and teach people about how to correctly create and illustrate children's book so he created an online course through his awesome school," It is an online school where you can learn everything you need to know about creating a children's book! From writing to illustrating it. Storyteller Academy is the bomb. It's the place where you can ask questions about self publishing or how to present to a publisher. Now, you have a place to go and people who can answer your question. I teach at Storyteller Academy. I do Character Design there. I show you how to bring your characters to life. So, if you are at all interested check it out. Here is a video short of my creative space. I hope that it brings a smile to your heart and face and maybe even leave you a little inspired to create a space of your own to create in. Thanks so much for stopping by! Best to you all.


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