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Book Birthday for Nesting Dolls!

Hello Good People! Hope that you all are doing well. I just had another wonderful Birthday and a Book Birthday as well. Yes, Nesting Dolls is out in the world and we are so very excited about it all. I did my first reading of the book on last evening on Instagram and it was so very well received! Thank you all that came out to be with me.

I am doing a book signing for Nesting Dolls on this Saturday at the Park Roads Bookstore in Charlotte, NC at 11Am EST. I would love to see you all if you can come. There will be a give-a-way of one signed copy of the book as well as a set of handprinted, signed and numbered Nesting Dolls! Oh you want these for sure so please come and join us. Who knows You might just be winner, honestly you are winner either way!

Nesting Dolls is available at, and indie books stores. I hope you will get a copy and share it with family and friends! Thank you all so much! Big hugs!


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