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Change Can be a good thing

Change is something that we often don't really like or want unless it is something that you want to see change in. Like attitude, diet, lifestyle and so on. Change is often viewed as scary and hard and yeah, sometimes it really is.

I think it's amazing when people say,"I am not afraid of anything!" Good for you!, is what I am thinking when I hear this. I am not afraid to say that I am not always feeling sure of myself where there is no fear. Whether it's working in a different style or with a different art supply or trying a new way of sketching, sometimes I get fearful and I just don't want to do it. I am this way with change as well. There are easy changes and then there are changes that don't just need change, but TRANSFORMATION! I am wanting transformation in this season of life.

Change is good, but transformation is something altogether different.

Change gives you the opportunity to go back, but transformation says," I can never go back. Butterflies can lay eggs which turn into caterpillars, but butterflies can't be trust back into caterpillars, they can only produces eggs.

This is where I am these days. Not wanting change, but transformation of my mind, body, soul and spirit. I want to lessen the voices and the negativity that I see in the world. I just want to be quiet and stand still, if you will. I want and desire it for so many reasons.

I desire to be a better listener to myself and other people. I want to quietly work on my spirit man. There is so much junk that needs to be removed. Things like the thoughts and words of others, stupid stuff I tell my own self. It's amazing how to give such fabulous advice to others, but we don't listen to our own advice. It's so true!!

Things are getting ready to change and transform for me. I am excited and happy for it, but I want to quiet the outside voices and thoughts and take it all in and let my spirit hear properly what is being said and where I need to go and let go. I will be sharing here when I can. What are you wanting to see change or transformation in?

I would really like to know. Have a great week Good Peoples!

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