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Hello Good People,

As an Illustrator I am always looking for the next best art supply, paper, or creative influencer. I got the chance to visit Paris, France and London and it was truly amazing! I found lots of new artist supplies like Charvin Watercolors and fantastic watercolor papers and printed papers. I even found these WONDERFUL crayons that are deliciousness on steroids called Kitpas! Talk about fun ?!?LOL!!

It was so awesome visiting different art supply stores and then going to bookstores looking at what everyone else was producing and I was so very inspired! The building and streets always seem to call me to pull out my drawing pad and draw something. There was something so fabulous about the energy and life flow while there. It's just a stream of creative flow running at all times.

To watch people eating and living and loving was just magical. Watching children play without iPads or special electronics was deliciously uplifting and yes even more inspiring. Watching families play together was just beautiful to my heart and soul. The slow pace of life was refreshing and so very much needed. Sometimes we are looking for people or things to give us inspiration and that is awesome, but sometimes the best inspiration is just slowing down.

We rush to do everything here. Eat, sleep and live so fast! Heck we don't even want to turn on our stoves to reheat food. Microwave that food! HEAT IT UP FAST! Sigh..... You know what happens to the meat and everything LOL! It was so magnificent taking my time to shop for art supplies and then going back to my Vrbo and collaging something that captured my attention or inspired me. Other times it was just walking through the park or watching a child play outside. It was so healing to my overworked soul. I encourage you to take a moment for yourself. You don't need any of these art supplies you can use what you have laying around your home or office. Get yourself a cool drink or coffee and just sip or draw and take your precious time. You don't need anyone's permission to do so. Take it because you deserve creative flow at a slow pace. Have a great week.


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