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Happy Easter and Passover

Easter! It was something that I really looked forward to each year. Getting my Easter clothing together and getting my gloves, hat and little handbag was everything to me! I even had an Easter poem to say at church and would always freak out before getting up to say it. My mom would make Easter Bonnets for all the church ladies and it was fun making them with her.

Easter became even more special when I understood, Passover and Resurrection. It was more important to celebrate. Jesus gave His life so that we could have life and that meant everything to me. It's not about what you have or don't have as far as clothes, money, fame and stuff. It was everything about Christ laying down His life so that we could have life and this touched my heart and soul. So grateful to know this truth and have it active in my life. It keeps me shining my little light even when people are not kind or good. It's important for me to be. Thanking God for my parents that raised me this me.

Some will call it brainwashed and other stuff, but it's all good.

Kindness and love is the way for me. Ain't perfect, but I will keep shining the light of love. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you and yours!


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