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Happy Holidays!!

Well, I know that many of us are ready for this whole year to be over! DONE! Finished and with good reason. I lost so many people to Covid. It's real and it hurts. The Presidential elections and riots and

just so MUCH!! I feel you. I have had some hard days this year. I have cried more this year than in years past. It has been a struggle on some days, I am still here. I see and hear all that is going on and I don't even watch the news. It's so easy to get caught up in negative conversations that don't bring joy or life and I don't have a desire to hear it or do it.

I have made the choice to choose happy. Oh yes, It's a choice. This is a time for me to meditate and be thankful for a few things. That nobody in my house is sick. That we have a roof over our heads. That extended family and friends are doing okay. That my husband has a job because so many people have lost their jobs even my sister, but we are able to support one another. We are blessed. I will not let these circumstances determine whether I smile or laugh and love. I see light

at the end of this tunnel and I choose joy because that is my choice.

I pray that everyone of you are safe and well. I pray that good things come your way and that you get to laugh and smile! I pray that there always be someone there to hug you when you need the most.

I pray for your Peace!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


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