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I See

Sometimes, we are waiting for the Universe to show us what we need to do or where we need to be and the Universe is waiting for us to stand still, breathe and receive what is being given and sent. To put on our spiritual glasses so we can see clearly what we need to let go or who we need to let go of and move forward into our given purpose.

It's an open heaven above me and I am asking for insight, strength for the journey in this New Year. Courage to do or say the hard thing. to speak the truth in love. Let certain situations and things that I can't control , GO! The sense to trust my GUT and Knower when I see or feel something. I call on the Holy Spirit, To know myself and to love her so that she can love others from a healthy and whole place. To be healed in the seat of my emotions and soul. To please SoNiNi NaNiNi (the Bantu name of God) rather than people pleasing cause we already knows what happens with that foolishness. Ain't nobody got time for THAT! To share and spread joy wherever my foot trods and to radiate love and positivity to the All Mighty, My family, and my community. I am a child of purpose moving forward on purpose.

Sending all you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE much LOVE, Peace and SOUL.


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