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Mary Had A Little Plan

Well a new book release for Tammi Sauer and myself. Yes, Mary Had A Little Plan was released on September 6th, 2022. Little Mary brings some of her Nursery Rhyme friends and the neighborhood together to fix up a vacant city lot. It's available now at your Indie Bookstores as well as

, and Barnes&Noble. Soon as I get my copies I will do a give away! Keep watching.

Now on a personal note. It's been very stressful and very crazy here. We have had lots of deaths in our family. I lost my older sister and it's been super duper painful and I am still in a fog. It's like this is a bad dream that I can't seem to wake from. I have cried so many tears and she was worth every single one. We are still mourning and it's gonna be a while. My heart is broken. The week before she died I bury a close cousin and then after my sister's death I lost my great aunt.

She was 102 years young.

Everything inside of me want to just go away. This pain is so hurtful and I am so very broken. It is said that it comes in threes. I have had enough. Seems so odd that the world keeps moving on when all I want to do is scream!

I am moving through with prayer and meditation, art from my heart, music and laughter. The one thing that Angel, my sister, and I did was SING! Singing is very healing and I thank God that our parents taught all of us to sing. Laughter is like medicine and while we are crying we are laughing together as well. We remember the joy and the love and the laughter. Angel always stole the cookies. Yup she did it.

LOL!! I will miss her very much. We will celebrate her life. Rest in Power Big Sis.


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