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Sometimes we as adults can crush our children with our negative words and fears. My mom and dad didn't want me to go to art school. Not because I wasn't good at art, but because, "How can a child be what it's never seen before?" They were concerned because how will she take care of herself? Aren't most artist starving ones? They didn't want that for me so they told me more about how it would better serve me to me a nurse or teacher. My grades however said otherwise.

Children often tell us who they want to be early on in life.

We just talk them out of it and sometimes it's out of our own fears of

dreaming big and not seeing it come forth like we had hoped for ourselves. I often wonder what we would say to our kids if some of our hopes and dream did come true like we desired? Would we tell them something different , like... I believe in you kid! You can do this.

Just try your hardest and I will be here for you when you finish! I knew you could! Dream bigger and bigger and run to your destiny. That kind of message can give children hope and the ability to at least try. We as adults first have to give it to ourselves through self love and so many of us lack it. We have to be there for everyone except ourselves me included. Before I start typing this stuff out here I have to deal with it myself. We can't give to others what wasn't given to us. My folks loved me and sister, but nobody ever told them that they believed in them or that they could do whatever they set their minds to do. Thank God my parents had minds of their own and kept it moving. At least I got that! We are not prefect by a long shot, but when you know better I think you want to do better. Start with you. Say something positive about your own fabulous self. Little steps until you leap into something more positive. Oh, by the way this print is for sale. 9x12 museum print signed and numbered limited edition at

$45.00 a copy. You can inbox me at until we set up our store on Etsy and here as well. Until then say something positive and spread joy!


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