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The Truth

Hello Good Peoples What's Good?! Hope that you all are doing well. I will be the first to say I know that I don't post here like I use too. Life is happening. I do apologize for not posting. With Covid there has been a whole lotta deaths due to it and it has touched my family and community as well. I just lost my Nana Sybil. It was so heart breaking. It's gonna take a moment and we all need time. She was such a blessing to our lives and family and she will be sorely missed.

So much going on that sometimes I can't even think! It's a lot and I know that so many of you good people are feeling the same. With the Elections, riots, racism, etc. the air has just been filled with so much tension that sometimes it's hard to breathe. When I get like this I wanna turn to food and so yes the Covid pounds have come on. I am looking for better ways to move through this time and it's my choice to do it through art. Art from the heart if you will. The three things that help the most are Prayer, Mediation and Tai Chi, and Collage!

These three things really help to release the stress and depression that wants so badly to take over my life. I have shared before I am a woman of Faith!! That's first in my life. I am also a person who wants to live in peace with everyone and so that starts with me being the best me that I can be. Art is just one of the ways I get to share my heart and soul with people. Art for me can be very healing. Collage is one of those art forms that is very healing. Just the sound of paper being cut. Having glue on my hands and fingers. Cutting out shapes that don't have to be anything is just so freeing and relaxing. I am not measuring or comparing myself to others, but really just giving myself the permission and joy to be... me.

I took a moment for myself on yesterday and joined a live workshop with illustrator Jing Wei on and it was on Collage. I took an hour to do what I wanted to do and Shirley Chisholm showed up on the page. I love her! She will always be one of my favorite people ever. In celebration of Black History, notice I didn't say Black History Month cause every month is Black History month for me, I wanted to do a collage of her. I am thinking of doing a book of all my favorite Heroines thanks to Nikki Grimes. I had fun and please check out Skillshare cause they have a lot of wonderful classes. No, this is not paid ad. Just wanted to support my people who love collage, relaxation, creativity and yes Shirley Chisholm and Jing Wei. Best to you all and take good care of yourselves. You matter. Big hugs, V


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