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Women's Month

Happy Women's Month everyone! I celebrate each and every one of you fabulous women and girls! We are often told that we need to be strong or that some of us are too strong. That you must open your mouth and say something and then told we talk to much be quiet and sweet. We are not enough or just to much and so on and so on and I say," Quiet the voices inside and all around that try to tell you who you should be and if you can... JUST BE YOU! Just be calm if you can. Just get a moment for yourself to encourage YOU! Sometimes we are waiting for others to say something positive, uplifting and constructive, but sometimes it has to come from YOU! Some of us are waiting to be loved and discovered and I am going to encourage you to love you and discover awesome, fabulous, lovable you! We sometimes expect so much from us, ourselves and even in a dang pandemic we won't show ourselves or others grace! Yeah, I am on my soap box, but it's because I am feeling so many of you just trying to move through all of this and come out on the other sane and in control. The process is different for all of us, but we are going to make it. I believe that we are going to make it and come through this and be stronger, speak louder, love harder, and celebrate ourselves and each other! Happy Women's Month everyone!! Shine, Shine, Shine!


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