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Yeah, It's been A while

Hello Good Peoples! What's Good?

Well, I will share with you some good new! I have been missing in action because I am working on some new books. My newest one was just released on June 15th 2021. Becoming Vanessa! I am so very excited to share about this book. It's a little story about me when I was a little girl.

I love creating stories around my childhood experiences. This was a difficult one for me as I was the only child of color in my whole class and the teacher let me know right away that she didn't want me in her class because I was black. That was something to go through as a kid. While I don't share that pain in this book I do share how sometimes we think we have to have certain things in order to stand out or be special when all we really need to do is just BE! Yes! Just be your awesome wonderful self. Vanessa learns this lesson and I hope to share it with all children.

Also I have been missing in action because my husband had a heart attack. It was so very scary! MY GOSH! He is on the mend and doing so much better. He is frustrated that he has to do somethings differently, but he is fine. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

I am a woman of faith and I am not ashamed to share that. God spared my husband's life and we are thankful to the Lord that he is still here. So many people have lost their lives to heart attacks and more. I am grateful to the Lord that Ray is still with us.

So I have been caring for him and myself. Taking more moments away from the computer and focusing on what matters. Life is short.

Sometimes we are caring way too much about the things that don't matter. YOU MATTER. YOUR FAMILY MATTERS. Take care of yourself and your family. Life is too short to hold hate, disappointments and anger in your heart. It makes you heavy and holds you back from really living your best life. We have to forgive ourselves, others and let this stuff go!! It is baggage that must be left behind in order to fly high!

I hope to get back to blogging in September of this year. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to sharing a video or two of me reading , Becoming Vanessa and doing some art projects as well. So please come and check it out.

Have a good one!


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